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Over the years, wooden carousel animals develop wear and damage. When Our Fair Carousel, Inc., purchased PTC 33 from the family that had been operating it at the Minnesota State Fair, many horses had broken ears, loose tails, and loose or poorly repaired joints. In addition, some had broken legs. Since the operating season was only a few days long at the fair, breaks usually had been repaired hastily, and sometimes badly.

Dick Kenfield works on a mirror panel. Beginning in 1993, Our Fair Carousel volunteers worked on each horse to repair actual damage but not to eliminate signs of natural wear. For example, volunteers removed metal clips that had been used to hold pieces together and reglued them properly. They recarved shattered knees and broken ears, but they left alone areas that had simply worn down. In one case, an Ovaltine can which had been used to hold a leg together was put back in place after the leg was repaired, in tribute to a long-ago worker's ingenuity. The late Dick Kenfield did the wood repair on most of the carousel's most valuable horses. In this photo, he works on a mirrored shield.

Our Fair Carousel, Inc.,
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