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Painstaking restoration
removing varnish

Using a paintbrush, a volunteer applies solvent to remove varnish. Workers wore protective masks and gloves at all times.

removing varnish and non-original paint.

In addition to removing varnish, workers removed non-original paint, which was found especially on trappings and faces.
removing varnish

The horse's face is brown from layers of darkened varnish. Removing varnish revealed the original light gray paint, as seen on the leg, where the volunteer is applying a new small patch of solvent.

removing varnish

Volunteers worked with small blades and dental tools to remove old varnish without removing the original paint beneath it.

touching up the paint

After applying a barrier coat, Linda McDonald touches up the paint on a small horse.

Our Fair Carousel, Inc.,
not-for-profit owner and operator of Cafesjian's Carousel,
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