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Quick Facts

* Operated by volunteers
* 68 horses, 2 chariots
* Built 1914 by Philadelphia
INDToboggan Company (PTC33)
* At Minnesota State Fair 75 years
* Rescued from auction in 1988
* Named for benefactor G.L. Cafesjian

Just a few more days to ride!

Our hours: Saturdays and Sundays 11 a.m.-4 p.m. through October 26, weather permitting

On display through October: A beautiful Dentzel carousel tiger from the collection of the late G.L. Cafesjian.

Congratulations to the youngsters who entered our coloring page prize drawing. You can still pick up your prize if you haven't already done so.

See photos from our 100th birthday party! kid, mom, clown
Now Available Online...

carousel history book* State Fair Carousel, Saving a Minnesota Treasure. Our book about the history of the well loved old state fair carousel now called Cafesjian's Carousel, and the community effort that saved it from auction 25 years ago.

music CD* By Special Arrangement. A new CD of 32 tunes played by our band organ, chosen for their tuneful arrangements.

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Cafesjian's Carousel from St Paul Communications Services on Vimeo.

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