Photo Gallery, Page 3... See our 68 horses and two chariots.

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Getting There

About the Carousel



Getting Involved

About the Band Organ

About America's


The Outside Row... continues here from Pages 1 and 2. Gifts to the Adopt-A-Pony program are tax-deductible and may be pledged and paid over a period of time.

burned horse with shield
BCED Minnesota

horse with red velvet saddle Diane Bush

burned horse with red blanket
Available for adoption

pinto pony The People of Minnesota
red chariot
The Family of
May & Karl Wold

blue chariot
Available for adoption

Our Fair Carousel, Inc.,
not-for-profit owner and operator of Cafesjian's Carousel,
1245 Midway Parkway, St. Paul, Minnesota 55103